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wardrobe edit

Are you sick and tired of opening your wardrobe to be confronted by a sea of clothes, very few of which you love? Do you feel stuck in a rut with your style identity and would value some guidance and inspiration?

You have come to the right place!

I offer both mini and in depth sessions to help you streamline your wardrobe whilst advising on your best colours and shapes to suit you personally. As part of the edit, I  will put together outfits from what you already have, identifying any missing pieces which can be sourced at a later date. I encourage dressing sustainably so my mantra is very often 'less is more'. 

Mini Edit

This is a great option when you want to dip your toe into the styling pond! In advance we will have a discovery call by phone to establish needs and wants.  The edit is flexible to your needs, whether to assist with creating new outfits out of your existing pieces so that your wardrobe is working for you better, or spending time focusing on shapes and styles to suit your body shape and lifestyle, again using pieces from your wardrobe to illustrate these points.  Or simply to give you a much needed push to get rid of items that are tired and no longer fit for purpose.  We will discuss your best colours and shapes.  You will receive a short report by email after the session to confirm my findings.

Full Edit

Again we will have a discovery call to establish needs and wants.  This session can encompass a thorough sort out of much of your clothing, footwear and accessories whilst giving advice on style, the latest trends, shape, colour and how to put outfits together from within your current wardrobe.  This service gives you loads of tips and tricks to make dressing fun whilst helping you to establish your own individual style.  This enables clothes shopping to become a more straightforward and enjoyable process as you have identified what you really need and the types of items that will work best for you. We will discuss your best colours and shapes to suit you in detail. You will receive a full report by email after the session to confirm all my findings. 

mini edit

2 hours  plus discovery call & emailed report


full edit

 5 hours

plus discovery call & emailed report



I offer to sell your unwanted items on your behalf (50/50 basis)



Ali has been working with me (and my wardrobe) for a number of years now i can't recommend her highly enough. Over this time she has helped me to completely revamp my wardrobe for all seasons and provide a huge amount of advice besides. She instinctively knows what will (and won't) work for me and is great at encouraging me to make a few bold decisions! On top of that, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. So whether we are shopping or wardrobe weeding at home, we always have a lovely time!


Ali regularly comes round to help me sort my wardrobe. Ali provides excellent advice on what to keep and what is out of date and not worth keeping. This is a great help otherwise I would probably hold onto a lot more items and have an unmanageable wardrobe. I can't recommend this service more highly especially when the seasons change.


I have a friend in Paris and I told her what you do and showed her the shoes, dresses and jackets you suggested. She loves them all!  Thank you Ali, for all your help. You don't know how much I appreciate opening my wardrobe and feeling a sense of lightness and not confusion! 


Ali has a brilliant eye for shape, colour and detail, bringing out the unique style of her clients- I know this as she was reccomended to me by a number of firneds. If you are thinking about interviewing online (and offline) I cannot recommend her styling skills and advice highly enough. Pre-interview during lockdown, Ali advised me on impactful clothing, professional make-up using Tropic and also took a few minutes to test screen set-up including background and lighting. I felt really confident during that first online interview which i attribute to the support and attention to detail offered by Ali. thank you so much and I look forward to working with you on my new work wardrobe!

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