colour analysis

Wearing the colours that suit you is transformative.  Suddenly you will find people no longer say ‘I like your top’ rather they will say ‘ you look great’.  I had my colours analysed almost 20 years ago and it made a big difference to how I looked and felt about myself.  Experience this for yourself and be true to yourself.  Getting dressed will then be very straightforward, as will clothes shopping. 


I offer mini sessions (90 minutes) to establish your best colours to suit your hair and skin colouring.   You will understand whether you are best suited to cool or warm colours and which season you fall into – Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn.  Through this session I will also identify your ‘wow’ colours – those that suit you the best.  I will provide you with a copy of your colours that you can use to establish which items match within your wardrobe and hence what needs to be sourced .  

colour analysis

£120 to include colour swatch wallet 2 hours


1 hour review session for those who have had colours analysed previously some time ago

your best colours

after the consultation, you will receive a summary of your best colours for future reference 

your best make-up colours 

as a Tropic ambassador, I offer a free 1-2-1 make-up consultation which will establish your best make-up colours to suit your complexion, hair and eye colouring 

covid secure

Currently available online and in person - whichever you prefer